Cases studies

Transmit in a security environement

In a classroom, a course on the use of software is taught.
Winwarlock will allow to configure the student workstation so that the teacher can concentrate on the skill to be transmitted.

Functionalities required :
Disable all the functionalities of Windows 10 in order the student access only at dedicated software.
Save the work of the student at a specific area.
Automatically start the computer on a specific user/account


In a fitness room an open access terminal allows members to access the internet and book their activities..
Winwarlock will configure the station to transform it into an interactive terminal.

Functionalities required:
Disable all the windows shortcuts, windows dektop, windows taskbar.
Start the computer automatically on a specific account.
Start the brower in kiosk mo and launch the website of the company
Add a toolbar with a virtual keyboard link.

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